Who Is Annahi Tejeda: Annahi Tejeda Missing Details Check Here!

Who Is Annahi Tejeda: Many people are interested in Annahi Tejeda Missing Is Found in Montebello. Here is all the information.

Who is Annahi Tejeda?

Annahi Tejeda, a 13 year-old girl from Pico Rivera in California, was reported missing on March 22, 2023. She was described as “shy, but very caring”, and she had perfect attendance at Rosemead’s middle school. Her disappearance was a major story. Law enforcement and the community launched a huge search to find her. On March 26, 2023 she was found safe and sound in Montebello. She was then taken to the Pico Rios sheriff’s station to be interrogated.

Annahi Tejeda Missing Found in Montebello.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported on Sunday afternoon that authorities had found a 13-year old girl missing from Pico Rivera earlier in the week. According to the report, Annahi Tejeda was found by Montebello police leaving a converted garage in a complex at North 4th Street. After her discovery, she was brought to the Pico Rivera sheriff’s station for questioning. Authorities confirmed that the teenager was safely reunited to her mother.

What happened to Annahi Tejeda’s life?

Annahi Tejeda is a case of a 13-year old girl from Montebello in California who disappeared on March 22, 2023. There has been a lot of interest in this matter.Annahi Tejeda, 13, went missing Wednesday, March 22, after she left her Pico Rivera home following a dispute about her phone. Annahi was reported missing by her family the next day. Despite a lot of community and law enforcement efforts, she remained missing. She was finally found safe and she brought relief to everyone who had been following her story.

Annahi Tejeda Missing Update.

Authorities have confirmed that Annahi Tejeda is now safe and sound. She was 13 years old when she disappeared from Pico Rivera. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department where she was last seen, Tejeda disappeared on Wednesday at 11:50 p.m. from the 8900 block Gallatin Road. Just after midnight on Thursday, Tejeda was captured on surveillance video at a 7-11 on Poplar Avenue in Montebello. Pico Station released a statement confirming that the missing teenager was found. The statement didn’t give any specifics on how or whereabouts she was located.

Annahi Tejeda is Missing.

Annahi Tejeda was a young girl that went missing from Pico rivera, California on March 22, 2023. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, her family last saw her in the 8900 block Gallatin Road. Surveillance video captured her at a Montebello 7-Eleven just after midnight on Thursday. Family members posted signs in Los Angeles County for the next few days and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors offered $10,000 to anyone who could help them locate her.

On Sunday, Tejeda was finally found by Montebello police in a converted garage at the 500 block North Fourth Street. She was taken into custody, and she was transported to the Pico rivera sheriff’s office. Authorities also reported that they had taken another man into custody and arrested him for unrelated charges.

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