Temidayo Awe Parents: Read And Know Full Details Here!

Temidayo Awe Parents: Temidayo’s parents and their story are fascinating to many. What was she doing? What is her full name? This article contains all the necessary information on Temidayo Awe. Continue reading to find out more.

What was Temidayo Awe doing?

Temidayo has been accused of killing Saul Murray. Temidayo did not intend to murder Saul but instead steal his Rolex. She was murdered when she failed in her attempt to steal the Rolex. Surpreet Dhillion was a second suspect who targeted Saul. He was captured on Instagram where he was believed to be wearing a Rolex. Surpreet is married. Temidayo is a popular actress.

Who is Temidayo?

Temidayo is a 21-year-old student at Coventry University. Saul Murray was her housemate when she met Saul Murray. Temidayo and Surpreet were inspired by his luxury watches and other items displayed on Instagram. Temidayo’s parents are a topic of interest to the public. They have been seen in the video arriving at Awe’s house. Awe was also seen leaving her apartment.

Later, she was seen making a phone call. She seemed to feel guilty about the murder. The murder is claimed the work of three people. Temidayo is one of those people. She feels guilty about letting her mother down. She will be charged on 27th February 2022 with murder. She is also facing seven years in jail and manslaughter charges. Who is Temidayo?

Temidayo family: who are they all?

Temidayo attends Coventry University. Temidayo has not yet revealed his parents. His family is not well-known. Details about the family of Temidayo awe were discussed. Let’s conclude.


Temidayo is accused of murder and manslaughter. She faces seven years in prison. She has been found guilty and blamed for disappointing mom. She was seen at the victim’s house. She intended to steal Murray’s Rolex. She was killed because she failed to steal the Rolex watches.

She was seen after leaving Murray’s house, making a telephone call. She was arrested in 2022 on the 26th of February. Temidyo’s murder case was the subject. We will continue to give you such information on our website. Watch out for the latest news on your favorite stars.

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