Samboy Lim Illness Update: Read Full Article Here!

Samboy Lim Illness update: Fans of Lim want to know about him.Here is the article.

Samboy Lim: Who are you?

Samboy Lim, also known as “The Skywalker“, is a former professional Filipino basketball player. He was part of the Philippine Basketball Association’s national team in the 1980s. His daring and sometimes dangerous drives to the basket were what made him a highly-flying wing. These included slam-dunks, hang-time moves, acrobatic shots and hang-time moves. He was not able to be awarded the Most Valuable Player Award, despite being a five-time All-Star player and two-time member of the PBA Mythical Team. This was due to multiple injuries sustained on the court.

Samboy Lim Update: What happened to Samboy Lim?

According to the most recent update on their Facebook page, Samboy Lim, PBA legend Samboy Skywalker, is currently in stable condition. According to the update, Samboy’s family members and medical team provide him with extraordinary care. Regular occupational and physical therapy sessions will continue for the 60-year old basketball legend. Lim’s health has been in decline since he collapsed during an exhibition game back in 2014. After a week of being unconscious, Lim regained consciousness but has been restrained to his bed since then. Samboy Lim was a legend for his aerial skills during his prime and was named one of the 40 Greatest Players by the PBA.

What is Samboy Lim Health Condition Right Now?

According to The Skywalker’s official Facebook page, Samboy Lim, a PBA legend, is now stable. According to the post, he is now under the care of Dr. Luigi Segundo and his ex-spouse, Atty. Lelen Berberabe supported him during this difficult time. Lim, 60 years old, will continue to receive occupational and physical therapy.

Samboy Lim Had a Stroke?

Lim’s medical battle began in November 2014 when he fell during an exhibition basketball match and was placed in a coma. Unfortunately, the initiative was stopped after Lim suffered a heart attack in November 2014. He collapsed just moments after completing a PBA Legends exhibition at the Ynares Centre, Pasig. He was quickly transported to a hospital and was unconscious for the rest of the night. He was able to wake up from his coma a few weeks later but his condition has kept him in bed. Samboy Lim is in the PBA Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to the sport.

Samboy Lim Ex-Wife.

Samboy Lim, an ex-San Miguel player was married to Darlene Marie Berberabe. She was once the CEO or PAG-IBIG Fund’s Home Development Mutual Fund. Darlene Marie Berberabe is also a lecturer at UP. Darlene Marie Berberabe, Samboy Lim and their children have separated. As proof of their past married life, Berberabes and Lim now have a daughter. Lelen Berberabe and his family have supported him during this difficult time.

Samboy Lim Cause of Coma.

Lim, 57 years old, experienced a sudden fall on the bench following a brief appearance in an exhibition match at the Ynares Centre Pasig. Lim lost consciousness and suffered a cardiac arrest. Without a pulse, he was quickly taken to the Medical City. To prevent further seizures, doctors revived him and placed him on therapeutic hypothermia (for two days)

Samboy Lim Latest News.

Friends and former teammates of Avelino Samboy Lim, the prominent basketball player “Skywalker”, gathered to celebrate Lim’s 61st Birthday on April 1, 2023. The celebration took place in Lim’s condo unit. It was a mini-reunion between the San Miguel Beer team and the Philippine national teams. Lim won international recognition for his outstanding skills throughout his playing career. Robert Evangelista was Lim’s best friend, and an employee at the Manila City Engineer’s Office. He reported that former San Miguel teammates Allan Caidic, Hector Calma and coach Norman Black attended the celebration. Jojo Lastimosa, a national player, and Alvin Patrimonio were also present at the event.

Samboy Lim Age.

Samboy Lim was born in Manila, Philippines, on April 1, 1962. According to some sources, Samboy Lim is 61 years of age. Samboy Lim, who was 15 years old, was seen playing basketball on the court of Phil-Am Life Homes, Quezon City, by Jun Celis. The encounter led to Lim receiving athletic scholarships. This was especially important since his father, Dr. Avelino Lim Sr., died from coronary thrombosis as Lim was just starting high school.

Samboy Lim Daughter.

Samboy Lim’s daughter is Jamie Lim.

Jamie Lim, Samboy Lim’s child, won a gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games Karate Competition at the World Trade Centre in 2019. With a score of 2 to 1, she won the women’s final in the 61-kg kumite. Jamie is a great student as well as her prowess at karate. Summa cum laude, she graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Karatedo also has three bronze medals today.

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