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Neil Reed Cause of Death: Many people wanted to know the cause of Neil Reed’s death. Here is the article. It briefly discusses it as well as other details about the Basketball player Neil Reed.

Neil Reed was who?

Neil Reed was born November 29, 1975. He played college basketball at Indiana University and the University of Southern Mississippi. In 1997, he was choked in an incident that made him famous. Reed was an intern at ESPN the Magazine after his basketball career. In 2007, he was hired as a physical education teacher at Pioneer Valley High School, Santa Maria, California. He coached many sports including basketball, golf and football. His real name is Burgess Neil Reed.

Neil Reed Cause of Death.

According to sources, Neil Reed died from a heart attack. Neil Reed, an ex-basketball player for Indiana University, died after collapsing at home in Central California at 36. Shanda Herrera from Pioneer Valley High School said that Reed died Thursday morning of heart complications in Nipomo. Reed had played three seasons of college basketball for the Indiana Hoosiers before taking a one-year break and playing with the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

How Did Neil Reed Die?

According to Shanda Herrera (principal of Pioneer Valley High School Santa Maria), Neil Reed, 36, died on Thursday after suffering from heart complications. On March 14, 2000, a well-known network aired a report in which Reed, an ex-player, claimed that Bobby Knight, Indiana coach, choked him during practice in 1997. Knight denied the allegations in the report. Knight participated in 122 games, scoring 1426 points on average and 11.7 points per match.

What happened to Neil Reed?

In March 2000, Mr. Reed claimed Knight choked him in a 1997 practice. The evidence in the form of a clip of the practice supported Mr. Reed’s claims. Myles Brand, president of Indiana University, placed the Hall of Fame coach on a zero tolerance policy. He was known for his anger and his success. Within a month, however, the network broadcast a video of an Indiana practice session from 1997, which seemed to show Knight choke Reed. Knight was therefore removed from his Indiana position in September 2000.

What Did Neil Reed Die From?

Neil Reed was diagnosed with a heart attack and died. After the choking incident Neil Reed moved to Southern Mississippi where he participated in the 1998-1999 season. Kelly Reed, his wife and two daughters were among the survivors. Neil was a coach in basketball, football and golf, as well as teaching physical education at the school. It is unknown what Neil Reed’s current status is. Perhaps one of his children will be a professional basketball player in the future. In 1994, Neil Reed was named Louisiana High School Boys Basketball Player Of The Year.

Neil Reed Obituary.

Neil Reed died at the age 36. Reed, who was 36 years old, died in March 2000. He had accused Bob Knight, Hall of Fame coach and of choking him in 1997 during practice. Dr. Myles brand, the university president placed Knight on a zero tolerance notice after video evidence was released supporting Reed’s claim. Knight was fired in September of that year after a student accused Knight of grasping his arm. Neil Reed was the Big Ten’s leader in free throw percentage (.854) for 1996-97 and the Conference USA (.845) for 1998-99.

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