Kim and Kroy Divorce Reddit: Read Every Details About It!

Kim and Kroy divorce RedditKim Zolciak, and Kroy Biemann have already shown signs of a nasty divorce. A war is brewing between the estranged couple over their children and finances.

Kroy has filed for divorce and wants sole physical and legal custody of their four minor children. This is a very aggressive move. It effectively cuts his estranged spouse out of the process of raising their children.

Kim’s legal documents also show that things aren’t kumbaya. Kim is asking for sole physical and visitation custody of Kroy. When couples get along well, they often ask for joint legal custody and physical custody. But neither of them seems to want this.

The couple’s house, which was put into foreclosure in the beginning of this year. Kroy wants to take possession of the house… and Kim must leave the property. Again, super aggressive. TMZ broke this story that Kim and Kroy owe over $1 million back in taxes.

Kroy cautions Kim that she must maintain all financial records, such as income records, tax returns, spending records, and more, in his divorce case. This indicates a conflict between the two over who is responsible for their financial problems.

Many theories have been thrown about as to why the marriage of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biemann fell apart. From rumors of infidelity to claims that the couple had an open relationship, we are told this is not the case.

The rumor mill is ablaze with smoke about possible affairs since Kim filed for divorce earlier this week.

The anonymous gossip website DeuxMoi claimed that the couple had an open relationship.

Sources with direct knowledge, however, say this is all BS… that there was no cheating or flexibility in the now estranged couple’s sex lives.

Many “RHOA” fans were also uncertain about Kim’s future as she was going through a messy divorce, including whether she would join the next cast of “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Vacation. However, insiders claim that she is focusing on her children.

Kim ended her 11-year marriage with at the end April, according to TMZ. She said that it was irretrievably shattered and there was no hope for reconciliation. She wants primary physical custody and joint legal custody for their four children. Kroy is seeking sole custody, so has begun the battle.

Kim has been staying at home when her children aren’t in school, according to our sources. She is also still following the same routine as before and making no changes.

Kim and Kroy both filed divorce petitions, Kroy’s on Monday, and Kim’s, we were told, over the weekend. It was like a race to get to the courthouse to be the first one to file for divorce.

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