Kendra Page Murder: Complete Details!

Kendra Page Murder: Raul Meza is referred to as a serial killer by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force (LSFTF) and Austin Police after he was arrested for killing a Pflugerville 80-year old man in 2023, and an Austin woman in 2019.

Raul Meza is a 62 year old murderer who has taken lives in the past, including being arrested for the 1982 murder of Kendra Page.

Investigators have said that he could be responsible for several murders.

Meza has a criminal record dating back to his 15th birthday, when he was arrested after a convenience-store robbery in which he injured a worker.

In 1975, a group, including Raul Meza, Jr., robbed a convenience shop in Austin on the evening of New Years Eve.

During the incident, the perpetrators took a store manager into a walk-in fridge and shot him at the back. They then left him behind.

The manager was fortunately able to survive the wounds and testify at Meza’s court trial.

Meza was punished to 20 years in prison for his role in the robbery. He was released from prison on parole only after five years.

In a tragic twist, less than 10 years later, while he was still on parole for aggravated robbery he was arrested again by authorities in connection with Kendra Page’s murder.

Kendra Page was killed on January 3, 1982.

On January 3, 1982, her lifeless corpse was found in a trash bin at a southeast Austin elementary school.

Austin’s community was shocked by the tragic death of Kendra Page, an 8-year-old girl. Parents became more vigilant and cautious.

Residents gathered at local meetings in large numbers to discuss ways to improve the safety of children.

Meza was convicted of the murder of Kendra Page and received a sentence of 30 year imprisonment.

He served just 11 years in prison before being released on parole in 1993.

As part of the plea agreement, Meza was found guilty of murder but not of r*pe.

A court found that the Page family’s labeling of him as a sexual offender was technically unconstitutional.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals clarified Meza was not a s*x criminal and could not be designated or registered as such due to his lack of conviction.

The tragic murder of Kendra Page left an indelible mark on Austin’s community, even though it was not her family.

Tracy Page, Kendra Page’s sister revealed that Raul Mesa Jr. kidnapped Kendra shortly after Christmas.

During the horrific incident, she was r*ped, strangled, and in the end her life.

Meza, however, was released from prison early in 1993, nearly 11 years after his arrest, due to good behavior.

Meza, upon his release from prison, was first relocated to an halfway house in El Paso.

Officials decided to relocate him due to the intense protests of the local community.

The pattern of protests followed by transfers was repeated in more than a dozen cities. This indicates a general reluctance for Meza to be a neighbor.

The concerns of the public were clear.

Meza, in response to the growing objections, held a press conference and declared that he underwent a significant transformation of his personality during his prison time.

Meza spoke to reporters



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