Jason DeLong Murderer: Let Us Know More About It!

Jason DeLong Murderer: The country has been enchanted by the trial of Jason DeLong Murderer, who is accused of first-degree murder in the pecking murders of his mother and her swain.

DeLong, 19, grabbed the platform to share his experiences of being physically and sexually abused by his mother, Cathryn Brace Farrar.

But the  execution  tried to paint him as a  habitual fabricator who  constructed tales of abuse to get attention.

The case raises questions about the impact of abuse on  youthful people and whether  internal illness can be a mitigating factor in violent crimes. 

As the trial continues, then’s a  near look at the case of Jason DeLong and what we know so far.

Jason DeLong was born on March 13, 1974, in Baltimore, Maryland, to Cathryn Brace Farrar and Donald DeLong. 

He was the  youthful of four children, of whom two were his half- sisters from his father’s  former marriage.

Jason’s  mama  was described as controlling, jealous, and jealous, especially of Jason’s  ladyloves. 

She was also allegedly physically and sexually  vituperative to Jason for  utmost of his life. 

At the age of 13, Jason was removed from his  mama ’s care after he reported the sexual abuse to a  schoolteacher. 

Before relocating to Jupiter, Florida, with his father in 1990, he spent two periods of time in foster care. 

But after a series of conflicts with his father and mammy, Jason returned to Maryland in 1992 to live with his  mama  and her  swain, George William Wahl. 

The abuse allegedly continued, and Jason turned to  medicines and alcohol to numb the pain.

The murders.

Cathryn Brace Farrar and George William Wahl were murdered on July 29, 1993, inside their Westminster, Maryland, home. 

They had both been  picked multiple times with a kitchen  cutter. Jason DeLong and his gal, Sara Citroni, were arrested five days  latterly in Jupiter, Florida, after they were  set up driving Farrar’s auto. 

Citroni, 18,  contended  shamefaced to murder in July and was  doomed to life in captivity with the possibility of parole after 40 times. 

DeLong, who has  contended not  shamefaced and not criminally responsible by reason of  internal illness, faces life without parole if condemned.

The trial.

During his  evidence, Jason DeLong told the court of times of s * xual and physical abuse he endured at the hands of his  mama . 

He talked of his fear of her and of his deep  wrathfulness, which he said might  ultimately beget him to kill someone. He also described his confusion about his  passions for his  mama  and how he kept returning to her because he “ missed her.”

Incross-examination, prosecutor TimothyJ. Doory  tried to paint DeLong as a  habitual fabricator who  constructed tales of abuse to get attention. 

He questioned DeLong about inconsistencies in his  evidence and tried to discredit him by pointing to incidents in which he  retracted allegations of his  mama ’s sexual abuse. 

The defense argued that DeLong had a history of  internal illness, including depression andpost-traumatic stress  complaint, caused by times of abuse by his  mama . 

They claimed that he wasn’t in control of his  conduct at the time of the murders and should be  set up not criminally responsible. 

The  outgrowth of the trial remains to be seen, but the case of Jason DeLong raises important questions about the impact of abuse on  youthful people and the  part of  internal illness in violent crimes. 

Whatever the verdict, it’s clear that this is a  woeful case of a confused  youthful man who was failed by the grown-ups in his life.

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