James Gunn Johnson Dwayne: Who will Be New Superman By DC Studios!

This article will give you details about James Gunn Johnson Dwayne, as well as other relevant details. Continue reading until the end.

Why are Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn featured in the news? Did you know anything about James Gunn’s scandal and Dwayne John? Is Dwayne Johnson joining DC Studios again?

DC fans are well aware of Dwayne Johnson’s silenced dissatisfaction about DC. People from the United States sought out the news recently. For more information, see the James Gunn Johnson Dwayne article.

What happened Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn?

Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill, the actor, have both left DC. James Gunn (Chief of DC) has reportedly withdrawn from their affairs. Rumours suggest that Dwayne Johnson wanted Henry Cavill to return for Black Adams in DC. However, it was impossible after Dwayne Johnson disowned his membership in Black Adam Chapter 1.

Adam shared his wrap for Black Adam Chapter 1 via Twitter in a tweet. James Gunn told Adam that Black Adams would not be part of the DCU’s first chapter. Here are the most important social media links.

Johnson was succeeded by James Gunn!

Some rumors claim that David F. Sandberg replaced Dwayne Johnson in Shazam!.In Shazam!, Sandberg introduced James Gunn’s spouse Jennifer Holland. Fury of Gods. According to rumours, Dwayne wanted Henry Cavill to appear in Shazam 2.

The DCU shared an TWITTER post where they claimed that David F. Sandberg had taken over Dwayne Johnson after The Rock denied being part of Shazam.

Will Dwayne Johnson enter DCU?

Dwayne Johnson is yet to make an official announcement regarding his plans to join the DCU. James Gunn left a positive message for Dwayne. According to rumours, Johnson is always available for Dwayne Johnson to help.

Redditor Dwayne John shared a post he made when he quit DC Studios. Dwayne Johnson stated in his post that Black Adam would not be included in Chapter One of DC Universe.

Henry Cavill to the DCU?

James Gunn is seeking a new role for Upcoming Superman Legacy. There are no rumors that Henry Cavill will be joining DCU. Fans of Cavill hope to see him as the Superman character.


We are not sure if Henry Cavill or Dwayne Johnson will be reunited with DCU. More information about the Dwayne John, James Gunn You can find it here.

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