Clarence Gilyard Death Cause: Check Death Reason Now!

This article will provide information about Clarence Gilyard, a well-known actor and professor. Find out details about Clarence Gilyard Death Cause.

Do you know about Clarence Gilyard? Are you interested in finding out the reason for his death. This article will provide all the latest information about Clarence Gilyard’s passing and the his cause of the death. The people of Canada, United States, Canada and Australia are seeking Clarence Gilyard Death Cause.

We all are curious about why he was killed, therefore we’ve written this piece.

What is the Cause of Clarence Gilyard’s Demise?

Clarence The well-known actor, teacher and writer, passed away in November 2022. The reason for his death hasn’t been known. The only reliable information suggests that he was suffering due to an illness quite a long period of time. But, there aren’t any specifics about his condition. Gilyard was just 66 years old. of age.

Obituary and Funeral Details

As per the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Clarence Gilyard has died aged 66. We aren’t yet aware of the cause of death or the exact details about the funeral.

Clarence Gilyard Facebook

Clarence Gilyard Twitter Only one Retweet was made for the account as of June 10, 2016.

Clarence Gilyard Instagram

Information on Gilyard’s Parents

Her mother’s name is Barbara as was his father Clarence Darnell Gilyard Sr. He was a member of the U.S. air force and had five siblings. He was raised in a military household. His family’s roots originate from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Is He Married?

His marriage was two times. He was the first to marry Catherine Dutko. The relationship ended with a divorce. His wife was Elena Castillo in 2001. He has six childs

Personal Details

Full Name Clarence Darnell Gilyard Jr. Date of birth 24 December 1955. Professionalism Actor, writer and University professor. Birthplace Moses Lake. Washington Nationality American Age 66 Education BA from California State University (long Beach) Majoring in fine arts in Southern Methodist University.

Job and Professional Details

The actor was as well as an educator of the performing arts. His most famous work includes Ranger James Trivette, Texas Ranger and Walker; Theo in Die Hard and Lieutenant of the film Top Gun.

Information on Net Worth, Nationality and Religion

According to Celebrity his net worth is around $5 million. This is an estimate. He is American. He converted to catholicism in the late 1990s, but was Lutheran when he was born.


Clarence Gilyard, an actor with a lot of fame was recently killed. Still there is no information about his death. The reason for the death of his father is not known. Did you like Clarence Gilyard’s show? We’d like for you to share your favourite show from Clarence Gilyard.



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