Chyna Santana Obituary: What Happened To Her Read Here!

Chyna Santana Obituary: Who is Chyna Santana? If you’re a Moneybagg fan, then you must be familiar with her. Moneybagg Yo, a rapper on the rise, has revealed he’s the father of 8 children by 4 different women.

Moneybagg Yo left a prestigious school during his senior year. The rapper credits his success to the fact that he is inspired by young people and targets them.

The news of her death has devastated him. He cannot believe that she is already gone, leaving behind many precious memories.

Families are in shock at the loss of a loved one so quickly after their birth. Learn about the shocking death of her and her husband’s reaction.

What was Moneybagg Yo’s reaction to Chyna Santanna?

Moneybagg Yo speaks publicly for the first time about his tragic loss of mother. He reveals that it had a profound effect on him and his entire family.

The Memphis rapper spoke about the tragedy in an interview with Angie Martinez of the IRL podcast.

When he heard that Kennedy Lynette, a.k.a. Chyna Santana) had died.

Bagg is the father of eight children by four different women. He stated that he, his girlfriend and their three children now live together.

She was brutally murdered. He claimed that someone she was with murdered her. “It shook me up. I was in Atlanta finishing up some recording work for the tape.

The call was not very detailed. I was in tears immediately. I couldn’t believe it.

Media person was angry with her and asked, “How could you have allowed this to happen?”

I can’t believe you let your kids leave, he said. I received a call from my daughter at the airport saying, “I warned my mother not to go.”

What should I say, I wondered. “I needed to let off some steam. Wee tale.

He responded when she stated, “It occurred.

She had invited her mother to stay the night, but she never showed up. What took place? She enquired in astonishment.

I was unable to convey that to [her]. I said, “My mother’s gonna get y’all,” when I heard this. All I could say was this. Right now, talking about it is difficult, but I am a man of steel. I’ve got everything in order. I’m producing it.

A mother of three was saddened to learn that Santana had passed away in May 2015.

A Facebook user named Jessica Summers wrote: “I’m sickkkk.” Man, it hurts me so bad inside. I’ve just returned from seeing my sister. Why had I to put up with that? Kennedy Leynettee, why did you abandon me?

Moneybagg Yo, despite the loss of his album Hard To Love: heartless edition, has delayed its release until June 2. (He claimed that he did not want to compete against Taylor Swift’s May 26 album release).

Instagram shared a video of Bread Gang leader saying, “I got the news. My baby Taylor will be dropping tonight”. Please be patient with me. I won’t lie; you guys know my feelings about Taylor. Taylor deserves this.

Fans were disappointed. Some said that he didn’t want to compete with Lil Durk or Kodak, who released their new albums on the 26th of May.

Chyna Santana Obituary.

According to rumors, the rapper has eight children and is dating Instagram star Ari Fletcher. In 2017, he revealed to Yo Shade 45 he had seven children, and four babies.

He told the radio host that he had a great deal of motivation for the mothers of his two to three children in high school.

Moneybagg has two children with Chyna. The rapper shared a picture of his daughter with another woman.

Whitney White, the mother of Moneybagg’s two children – a boy and a girl – is also known as Juicy Baby on social media. Keep checking back as we continue to add more details and information.

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