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Who is Abby Choi’s husband?

The former husband of Abby Choi was Alex Kwong. Abby Choi is murdered, and her husband is charged. HK police are searching for Abby Choi’s ex-husband following the discovery of her headless body during an incredibly murder investigation.

A waterfront area of Tung Chung was where Ms Choi’s ex-husband, who was identified by local media as Alex Kwong by local media was arrested about 1pm on Saturday. She had been missing since Tuesday. Later the following day, authorities uncovered her headless body inside an old house located in Tai Po situated in Hong Kong.

Abby Choi Instagram Profile-

Madame Choi was a well-known celebrity and the model had earned a name for herself, and gained fame in the ranks of some of the top talked-about stars in the industry. In a bare-colored dress the model Abby Choi looked stunning on the cover of the luxury and fashion lifestyle magazine L’Officiel Monaco less than two weeks back.

She was a fashion icon due to her keen sense of fashion and ability to mix things up. Ms. Choi was watched by viewers not just across Hong Kong but as well as all over the world. She has more than 84,000 Instagram followers.

What is the story behind Abby Choi Murder?

Abby Choi was last seen on Tuesday afternoon on Fo Chun Road in Tai Po at around 2.15 after 2.15 pm. She went missing from the area after which local police discovered her body without a head in her home. Hong Kong police have detained the husband of her former parents and her older brother. The husband of her ex-husband, who is believed to be in charge of the murder, remains wanted. According to local media His name is Alex Kwong.

In The South China Morning Post, several of her body parts that were flayed were kept in the refrigerator while other parts were cooked. The police also found human tissues in two soup pots and human tissue pieces that were minced in the kitchen.

About Abby Choi Wiki Details

  • Full Name: Abby Choi Tin-fung
  • Birth date: Unknown
  • Die On: Age of 28-year
  • Profession Abby Choi Tin-fung was a famous socialite and fashion model from Hong Kong
  • Nationality: American
  • School/High School: Unknown
  • Spouse: TamJai Yunnan Mixian
  • Ex-husband: Alex Kwong
  • Kids: 2 children who live with her ex-husband
  • Siblings One brother

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What is the reason Abby Choi Husband news trending?

The investigation revealed that her ex-husband was identified as the primary suspect for her murder. Hong Kong police discovered model Abby Choi’s dismembered body , however they police are still trying to locate her head. The murder is believed to be the work of her ex-husband as well as his family members, who were involved in financial problems with her.

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The Last Line:

In the investigation of the police, it has been discovered that the dispute over the pricey Kadoorie Hill home that cost millions of dollars, could be the reason behind the killing.

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